Terms and conditions


1. Vehicle

  • The vehicle that is rented is in the ownership of CAPPOPERA SRL, or owned by the company in any title.

2. Vehicle documents

  • The ownership documents of the vehicle are present in the vehicle's dashboard, in compliance with the original. The administrator of the company is responsible of providing ownership documents.

3. Duration of the contract

  • The duration of the contract is 24 hours, indivisible, from the signing of this contract, plus or minus 2 hours
  • The client is obligated to respect the terms of the contracts in order to not disturb the schedule of other clients that hade made reservations.
  • On the demand of the client, the  contract can be extended by additional days, after the payment has been made in full.

4. Prices

  • The prices will be mentioned in the contract and on fiscal documents issued by the company.
  • Additionally to the prices of the contract, the client also has to pay a warranty ( accident fee ) for which fiscal documents will not be issued. The warranty is to be returned to the client at the end of the contract. The payment of the price of the contract as well as the warranty is to be paid by the client in full, after the signing of the contract.
  • Because the number of days included in the contract might differ, in minus or plus, fiscal documents will be issued at the end of the contract: bill, fiscal bill.
  • Included in the price are: RCA insurance, CASCO insurance, RO-VIGNETA and any other costs associated with the maintenance of the vehicle.
  • What is not included in the price: windshield cleaning liquid and fuel.


  • All vehicles that are rented by our company are insured ( RCA and CASCO ) and they own a valid RO-VIGNETA


  • If the vehicle has been damaged from the blame of the client. This may cause the warranty to become void.
  • If the vehicle cannot be brought into the auto service repair shop on its own wheels, the client will pay transportation fees
  • If, because of the client's fault, the vehicle suffers majjor damages: the warranty becomes void and the client has to pay the full value of the CASCO contract ( 12 mnths )
  • In case of a mechanical malfunction on the duration of the contract, the company will provide a different vehicle of the same class until the mechanical problem is fixed.
  • The disappearance or damaging of the interior or exterior components of the vehicle will void the warranty.
  • The client will pay 25 RON if the vehicle is ddirty.
  • In order to exit Romania with a vehicle rented by our company the client has to pay extended CASCO fee in addition to the price of the contract.

I, the client, hereby agree with all these terms and I will pay the additional fees if required.             


  • Auto insurance covers all damages that occur from road accidents.
  • If the client is to blame for an accident, the warranty becomes void.
  • Insurance doesn't cover the disappearance of damages of the interior components of the vehicle, scratches, damages wheels, flat tires.
  • Insurance doesn't cover mechanical problems, faults of the steering or breaking systems.
  • Insurance doesn't cover damages of accidents caused by the client if the client consumed alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances. In these cases the client will deal with the legal consquences and repair costs.
  • Insurance doesn't cover auto theft if the vehicle has been left unattended. In case of theft the client has to bring the key of the vehicle to the car rental company.
  • Insurance doesn't cover the costs of goods stolen from the vehicle. Do not leave the vehicle unsupervisied. Do not leave valuables in the vehicle.
  • On the duration of the contract the client is responsible of all damages to third parties in case they have additional demands or in case the value of the damages is higher than the insured sum.


  • The vehicle can only be used in compliance with the current auto legislation and in compliance with the Romanian general legislation.
  • The client is prohibited from sub-lending the vehicle.
  • The vehicle cannot be driven by drivers who obtained their driving license less than 12 months ago.
  • The vehicle can only be used for personal purposes. It is not allowed to use the vehicle to transport merchendise or illegal goods.
  • It is prohibited from using the vehicle for racing or speed competitions ( In such conditions accidents might occur. The warranty is voided if we notice unusual marks on the tires of the vehicle or if we notice the breaking system has been exploited beyond its capabilities.
  • The vehicle has been delivered to the client in good technical and esthetic conditions. If the vehicle contains a full tank of fuel this will be specified in the contract.

I, the client, hereby agree by signing this contract to return the vehicle, at the end of the contract, in the exact state I received it. Any mismatch between the state of the vehicle at the beginning of the contract and at the end ( including loss of fuel ) may totally or partially void the warranty.

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In the Cappopera SRL car park, you will find only cars up to 5 years old, maintained according to the car manufacturers standards.

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